Catalog ID# 10214. 2.25 inch Pot / 9.7 fl.oz. Mountain Fire Senecio. All our selections. - 4+ hours of sun a day is ideal. Some, like Dusty Miller, are tender perennials. Senecio cephalophorus 'Mountain Fire' Family: Compositae. This profile covers the succulents.There are about 100 succulent Senecios.Some are oddities and not suited to the garden, but they are certainly interesting. Some are lovely, and some, like the groundsels and ragworts, are noxious weeds. Interesting senecio resembling a sedum or echeveria with silvery blue fading to green foliage. Sale outside EU. -Photo is a good example of what you will receive. Das Kreuzkraut 'Mountain Fire' (Senecio cephalophorus) ist eine rot blühende Pflanze. Dazu gibt es eine blühende Variante unter dem Namen “Mountain Fire”. Senecio cephalophorus, Kleinia cephalophora . New. Zamówienie; Moje konto; Koszyk Senecio cephalophorus Mountain Fire Other varieties. Brilliant, fiery orange balls of flowers are born atop sturdy, succulent gray stems and foliage throughout the … -Water once every 20 to 40 days through winter months or if leaves droop and My Account. Senecio cephalophorus - Kleinia cephalophora - (Starzec cefalofora) 'Mountain Fire' Kleinia cephalophora, pochodzi z południowych krańców kontynentu afrykańskiego. Senecio mandraliscae Other varieties. / 287 ml. Senecio peregrinus - String of Dolphins Other varieties. Reviews. Diese strauchartige, sukkulente und rosettenartige Pflanze gedeiht am besten an einem hellen Standort. -Winter Hardy in USDA Zones 10 and up. Senecio herreianus Purple Flush ... Senecio jacobsenii Other varieties. They like a northern exposure and can survive with just fluorescent lighting. For outdoor use Low Light = Shade. Quantity. Darmowa dostawa już od 300 zł! Senecio herreianus Other varieties. Die Senecio-Gattung umfasst etwa 100 Sukkulenten, die besser unter dem alten Namen “Kleinia” bekannt sind, welcher heutzutage als Untergattungsname verwendet wird. Senecio is a very large genus with over 1000 species dispersed around the world. Asteraceae Price: $ 9.99. Size available: 5" Bright light: Light water: Low light: Plants in this category need little light. In der Eden Collection sind zwei Senecio-Arten unter dem Namen “Mountain Grass” aufgeführt. In Stock: 8.

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