PoB of an example Zombie build stacking a few of these buffs - https://pastebin.com/kHgaXwva. I think the max is something like nine. Bound Fossil mods on any gear are good for auras and minions, the key one to keep in mind are Minion Movement Speed (MS is effectively AI), and maybe the reduced reserved mana (for aura stacking). Note: Increased Flask effect, duration, etc. Deidbellow, when you used a Warcry, its effect is essentially onslaught (20% AS,CS, MS), without being onslaught, so they should stack to give a total of 40%. Dread Banner, an aura skill that makes you and nearby allies inflict Impale, it also make nearby enemies have less accuracy, it's nicely balanced giving a bit of damage and a bit of defence. 6 comments. Sulphur_Flask, grants 40% increased damage, and also creates Consecrated_ground, which is a ground effect that give 6% life regen, and hits against enemies on it have 100% increased crit chance. Unfortunately there is a limit of 1 Rare Sentinel and 3 Magic sentinels, unless you get the Helm enchant of either "Dominating Blow can summon 3 additional Magic Sentinels of Dominance" or "Dominating Blow can summon an additional Rare Sentinel of Dominance". can help. Leer Cast, Grants nearby allies 15% increased damage. Scorched, Frigid and Metalic Fossils on Helmets can roll Nearby Enemies have -9% to X Resistance. The consecrated ground will heal a percentage of your Minions’ life every second, which, for the reason mentioned above, will boost their survivability a lot. Crown of the Tyrant, gives nearby allies added damaged based on the 1 sockets colour as well as "Nearby Enemies have -10% to all Resistances". Unending Hunger is a powerful threshold jewel that makes Spectre's have a 50% chance to gain Soul Eater for 30 seconds on Kill, two can be worn for 100% chance but this is a waste of a good jewel slot. A great way to boost your Minion’s survivability, as mentioned by u/Tsevion, is to run a Sulphur flask. the Synthesis' implicit +(1–2) to Minimum Endurance/Frenzy/Power charges with NA apparently works, confirmed by Forsenk in the comments. Most spectres can use Ice bite for frenzy charge generation, and if they clear fast enough, they can maintain max frenzy charges easily. Additionally, on non-unique flask some affixes could be especially good such as even more MS, Immunity to the various Ailments and Curses, leech and Melee knockback (could be funny). Monsters killed by your Minions will not count as your kills, meaning that on-kill effects, such as getting a charge on kill, will not work on you. Note: Generosity increases WB's effect but doesn't affect Adrenaline (As far as I know). The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. (can be used with Spirited Response to give some damage taken gained as mana to you and your allies/minions). However they are significantly less effective against bosses. (only granted to the minion that blocks). Soulwrest, Generates Phantasms on Corpse consumption, which are supported by socketed gems, gives minions additional base physical damage, life regen if you consumed a corpse recently. Additionally, to sustain for Boss fights they have "25% chance to gain a Rampage Kill when Minion hits a Unique Enemy". Ahn's Heritage, Using NA as long as Minions have max endurance charges. The Baron, not worn by the AG, but great if you have a High strength build, it has +2 to level of socketed minion gems, Minion Life, and 1/2 your str is added to your minions, +1 Zombies per 300 str ant at 1000 str your Zombies Leech life to you. Blood Offering, found on Bloodbond, Sacrifices 20% of your life, grants Minions 35% of that life as Life regen (5% more life regen per corpse), and 50% increased damage. Also poachers mark is criminally under rated on minion builds. Such as: "Auras from your Skills grant 2% increased Damage to you and Allies" on weapons (4% on two handed weapons), from using a Bound Fossil. Every enemy killed grants 1 stack. The problem is Poachers Mark has a very small AOE, a very high Dex requirement and the charges dont last long enough. Precision, found on Hyrri's_Truth, is an aura which increases accuracy and crit chance. The Sorrow of the Divine, 40% increased damage, consecrated ground, and Zealot's Oath. Iron Will Support also seems to work with golems but it’s unclear whether it works with all Spectre Minions or not. Item drops on Death if Equipped by an Animated Guardian Crafting Bench on Body Armour, useful if you craft an OP AG body armour you don't want to risk losing. (But they won't gain mods from nemesis, or bloodline mods). Doedre's_Elixir with Umbilicus Immortalis grants Zombies and Spectres a power, frenzy, and endurance charge on use at the cost of their life/ES. Suffix: Crafting Bench on weapons, Bound Fossil on cobalt jewels, Ghastly Abyss Jewels. *with Umbilicus Immortalis for Zombies and Spectres only! [Question] Endurance charges on minions - how to without warlords mark? Adding a "debuff" section at the bottom to put things like EE there. Aspect of the Avian, granted by Saqawal's_Talons or crafted onto rare gear with beast crafting, it grants two alternating buffs, Avian Might grants a chance to deal double damage, and Avian Flight increases MS for the player and their minions.

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