The London Dungeon is a Famous Attraction in London.It opened in the Year 1976. Flexi Tickets - Prebook entry For flexi ticket holder. This is because a legend (story) says that if the ravens leave the Tower, the Tower and the Kingdom will fall. Dezember, Verlängerte Öffnungszeiten: letzte Tour 21:00 Uhr, Verkürzte Öffnungszeiten: letzte Tour 15:00 Uhr. Mit der Visitor Travelcard können Sie die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel in London nutzen. Die schnellste und bequemste Verbindung vom Flughafen Stansted in die Londoner Innenstadt. The entance to the London Dungeon - Photo taken by C. G. P. Grey, The various scenes on show include: Labyrinth of the Lost Visitors are led into crypt and left to find their way around the maze of mirrors. The closest Underground station to the Tower of London is Tower Hill. Book and reserve entry below . Damals wurde er unterhalb des Bahnhofs „London Bridge Station“ gebaut. I think the Singer is very Good. >>weitere Informationen, Londons einzigartiges Riesenrad zeigt Ihnen einen atemberaubenden Blick über die Metropole. The noose drops and visitors are suddenly released to meet their fate. Oktober, 01. Der London Dungeon befindet sich in der historischen County Hall, direkt gegenüber des London Eye: Adresse: Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, Lameth, London SE1 7PB. Houses of Parliament (Palace of Westminster) bis zum 16. It showes you the horrible history of Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, Mary Tudor-also called Bloody Mary or Killer Queen. Sweeney ToddSweeney Todd was believed to be a psychotic barber that slit the throat of his clients as they were being shaved and gave the corpses to Mrs Lovett to be cooked into her famous pies. Join our resident Lift Jester as you descend into the depths of the London Dungeon.... See more. & 28. >> weitere Informationen, Bestaunen Sie die königlichen Kronjuwelen im Tower of London! Hatte auch mal Referat: The London Dungeon is a popular tourist attraction, it opened in 1974 and it uses a mixture of live actors and special effect, you can see varios tortures from the Medival Age. Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom Get ready to face your punishment as you are led from your holding cell and taken to the top of the Dungeon. Then, visitors are led into a room in which an ‘autopsy’ is being performed as onlookers are guided through the thoughts of Jack the Ripper’s possible identity. The ravens' wing feathers are kept short so they cannot fly away. The Shard (also referred to as the Shard of Glass, Shard London Bridge or the London Bridge Tower) is a high-rise building in Southwark, London.The Shard was built in July 2012. - 02. © Rhein-Kurier GmbH | All Rights reserved, Die besten Orte für tolle Fotos in London, Verhaltensregeln in London - darauf sollten Sie achten. In addition to English monarchs, aristocrats,poets, generals, scientists, etc. smell the chillingly amusing characters of the 'bad old days' as they come to life before you. & 18. Heute findet man berühmte Dungeons auch in vielen großen Städten weltweit. - 23. Depicting the horrors of the Bubonic Plague in London in 1665, this scene creates a feast for the senses. They are taken care of by the staff who work there. Entdecken Sie die Werke und das Leben von William Shakespeare! September, 05. - 24., 27. Where it got dark we went to the London Dungeon but there was a long queue and then we went to the Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and ate there Chicken oysters, salsify, marrow bone & horseradish cream It was very nice. The Service was Great and There was a event with many people and a Big stage with a famous singer. Ihr "Spar-Buch" für London! - 30. London, SEA LIFE London and Big Bus ; Valid for 90 days from the date you visit The London Dungeon ; Book Now. Street artists can be watched in Covent Garden. 1. 01. Juli - 31. A short film tells visitors more about this disaster using exciting imagery and narration. Der London Dungeon ist für Familien und kleinere Kinder geeignet. Eine geführte Tour dauert ca. Jetzt günstige Minigruppen-Tickets buchbar! The London Dungeon is managed by Merlin Entertainments (which is also responsible for Madame Tussauds, London Eye and Lego Land, amongst a host of other tourist favourites). See, hear, feel and (ahem!) ack the Ripper The five famous murders are narrated, both by a live actor and by a video presentation. & 30. It is 309.6 metres (1,016 ft) high. Freier Eintritt zu über 60 Attraktionen in und um London. Zu den bekanntesten Themen gehören beispielsweise die Zeiten der Pest, des großen Brandes und die Untaten von Jack the Ripper. Februar, 06. Haben Sie kleine Kinder? We love it. London Dungeon When you are in the Dungeon, watch out for ( gruselige Gestalten ) creepy creatures - the Dungeon ( beschäftigt ) employs actors who are dressed as monsters, ghosts or executers. & 12. - 05., 12., 19. We know you will too. Opened to the public in 1974, the London Dungeon remains one of this epicentre’s most haunting and popular attractions amongst tourists. This is the second stomach-lurching ride of the tour. In Tarifzone 1 (Innenstadt) befinden sich die U-Bahnstation „Waterloo“ und „Westminster“ in unmittelbarer Nähe des Dungeons. - 22. The Great Fire of London London experienced an enormous loss in 1666, when a mammoth fire ravaged England’s capital. The London Dungeon’s success lies in its use of a mixture of media, including live actors, two exciting rides, impressive special effects, and a total of 13 shows. & 26. The London Dungeon is a uniquely thrilling attraction that will whisk you way back to the capital's most perilous past. The London Dungeon is ideal for families as well as tourists looking for a fun day out in the city. The London Dungeon brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides. In fact, the Dungeon covers approximately a … The lights, sounds and effects complete this torturous scene, leaving one wondering about its validity. Der London Dungeon wurde im Jahr 1974 als das weltweit erste Dungeon (Kerker) überhaupt eröffnet. Judgement A funny look into the courtroom system of yesteryear as visitors are sentenced to death for some terrible crime. The highest building in Western Europe, the Shard, was erected from 2009 to 2012.

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