"a plan B up my sleeve, Das' wie das Gesetz: Mich interessiert das Recht wenig,". on the Bonzen-car with the comfortable leather seat. "bribes rate themselves like eBay auctioneers,". Kollegah hoodtape 4. In German it works, and the two lines sound the same but have different meanings. I sit in the Benz instead of the cop car. I let him speak, and as the no-good speaks. Kollegah's lyrics are too complex, eloquent and ingeniously constructed to be translated properly and still have the same meaning and effect that they do in the original German form. The 'Boss' is known for giving sluts pimp slaps (not in reality, I mean his image). I light up a fag, blow the smoke in his face. The ringing can be seen as double meaning for doorbell and bicycle bell. The Dead South Recommended for you They obviously wouldn't find nuclear energy very clean. Nevertheless I will try to. I should drive slowly to my right to the curb. It's like the law, it interests me quiet faintly". Bis eines der Tischbeine wie'n Zahnstocher wegbricht, "Witness testimonies walk on bands like rope dancers!". We'll put you in our passenger compartment in a minute. Ich sag', „Kid, du bist wie DiCaprio in Inception – du lebst in Traumwelten.“ Dann hab' ich genug und hetz' den Dobermann auf ihn Lass' ihn am Oberarm … When we say that they're all under the same blanket, we mean that they're all in cahoots/working together. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. //. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. "The ringing ruins my tour like doping scandals,". They're like my dogs, when I 'say aus', they sit! A few thousand in cash, I'm out of danger. "Mr. Kollegah, we know you from the mugshots. I step over him, not without giving the dog a treat first. Recht means both 'quite' and 'law'. Kollegah - Hoodtales II lyrics. The Watson Brothers - সরে দাড়ায়ে, শেষ বারের মত (Shore Daraye, Shesh Barer Moto), Vind i mit hår [Wind in my Hair (Film Version)]. Into the shiny Mercedes, the sun rays lie down. Like make up from sluts, who I give pimp slaps. Even the police chief can be bribed with cash. You're welcome, until my next translation. eBay auctioneers. Although the green ones don't find it so clean, like nuclear energy. However, 'the green ones' is also in reference to the Green Party of Germany, who are commonly called the green ones.

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