", before he began to laugh madly, whereon the stolen prison van vanished into the night.[10]. [6], From the window of his cell, Jervis watches as the Court of Owls obtains Nathaniel Barnes from Arkham Asylum. Calling up Gordon, Jervis taunts him while planning to make him be what he is by making him choose to either save a hypnotized Dave and Amy Walters from falling off the overpass or prevent a hypnotized boy Shane from being hit by a truck, saying that he cannot say both in time. Crane along with some of Jerome's followers then met with Mad Hatter and Penguin. Jerome's plan was to find his brother Jeremiah Valeska and get revenge on him. If any police show up, more people will die. Jerome also got a new suit while Jonathan took a coat and a top hat for Mad Hatter. Use a descriptive title, Tetch enlists The Terrible Tweeds to help him break Alice out of police custody. Scarecrow said "Let me give you something I like to keep up my sleeves for times just like these" before using his fear gas dispenser to spray a brown acid into the other pilot's face, causing him to scream in pain and collapse onto the floor to his colleague's horror. ", Gordon peeked around the corner and said "No, you won't. Due to his sister Alice having poison in her blood, Tetch decided to hand her over to Hugo Strange. He also hypnotized Alfred Pennyworth after Jeremiah captured him. Tetch was subsequently sent to Arkham Asylum. Prior to Alice's death, he appeared to keep his true personality hidden behind a soft spoken and well mannered demeanor. Ecco then whispered something in Jervis’ ear, which delighted him. Valeska then bounced around the transporter, yelling "All aboard!" Later a very different Mad Hatter appeared, claiming to be Jervis Tetch, but he was revealed as an impostor and subsequently disposed of once the real Tetch re-appeared.The real Jervis Tetch reappe… He then discovers that he doesn't need Jervis, only his blood. Upon slitting the woman's throat, Jervis uses her blood to write Jim Gordon's name on a piece of paper as he begins to plan his revenge. They're after me and the Scarecrow". Still not understanding, Jervis elaborates that infecting Mario made her blame Jim, which in turn made her love for him hate. ", before he started to shout and began to ran after the two villains, causing them to flee. At this point Tetch was now clean shaven. Valeska then said "But, no time to palaver, gentlemen. Jervis tells him to meet with him at Gotham Water and Power. [12], Jervis Tetch remained in Gotham during the events of No Man’s Land. Tetch's show is observed by Barbara Kean and Tabitha Galavan. Later in Arkham After brainwashing one of the guards into killing the one in headphones and taking her own life, Tetch eventually formed an alliance with fellow prisoners Jerome Valeska and Jonathan Crane, and the three of them calculated a plan to break out of the asylum, which they managed to succeed in doing and released over 50 inmates in the process. After Jerome and Firefly raided Wayne Enterprises for information, Valeska was knocked out and captured by Jeremiah's proxy Ecco. After the Arkham Breakout, Tetch arrived in Gotham as a hypnotist in search for Alice until he eventually looked to the bounty hunter, Jim Gordon, to find her. He then has the Heads of Gotham drink the wine or else. Gordon is given the option to have Leslie Thompkins or Valerie Vale killed with one of them having "Gordon's heart." Tetch managed to survive Protocol 10 later that night, and when Batman returned to his lair afterward, he found Jervis still standing on the table, mourning the loss of his favorite hat, and wondering if 'Alice' would be angry with him. He then ran out of the maze bunker, laughing maniacally in the process. When arriving in Gotham and performing his hypnotic acts, he wore a black suit and black hat, with a bow tie. Oswald then tried to put a stop to Jerome's plan by telling Hatter and Crane that this is madness. Jervis noticed this and is pleased to discover that Nathaniel has Alice in him, Nathaniel punches him and tells him to shut up. [4], Jervis is later visited at Arkham Asylum by Nathaniel Barnes to get some information on how to beat the virus in Alice's blood. Jerome then commanded "Hat Head" to take Crane and find "Jimbo and his bearded sidekick" in order to kill them. Upon arrival at the location, Gordon is called up by Tetch who tells him to look through the telescope where he sees Tetch calling from across the street. Jervis states that he will tell Nathaniel what he'll know in exchange for what part of him is affected. Before deactivating the TV monitors, Jervis tells Gordon to "ask an old friend how to get to the end." Jervis is one of the few main antagonists of Season 3. It is heavily implied that he was mentally abusive and sexually abusive as James Gordon refers to it later, saying Alice killed herself to avoid his touch. Tetch stops and is delighted to see her, but she tells him to stop coming after her. He then lured Batman into a trap, where he knocked the vigilante out and put him into a machine-induced coma, forcing him to live in a 'dream world'. Gordon has crossed paths with Alice, but has discovered that she doesn't want her brother to find her, and that she has committed two fires to stop anyone else being contaminated with her blood. Lee further mocked Jervis by calling him second rate, prompting an annoyed Jervis to tell her to shut up. Jervis Tetch, better known as the Mad Hatter, is a villain from DC Comics, most commonly appearing as an enemy of Batman. He returned to Penguin's manor in time for brunch, just as Jerome was telling everyone his plan. As the Gotham City Police Department pays $5000 for bounties of Indian Hill escapees, Tetch doubles this and pays Gordon in advance for the work. While Scarecrow showed Jervis a new coat and top hat he got for him, Valeska said "Oh, speechless, I know" before removing the mask that covered Mad Hatter's mouth. Jervis said he is doing this for his only amusement. Recently unknown how, Jervis power has improved leading him to be able to hypnotize people with just the sound of his voice. Jervis eggs on Jim to give into the virus. As Gordon arrives, Jervis speaks through the television and states that he has a beloved pediatrician and Channel 5's favorite anchor hooked up to electrical device that will shock them. The next day, Tetch calls round to the apartment of bounty hunter Jim Gordon and hires him to find Alice, and gives his story on her disappearance. Batman (1960) In this series, Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter was played by actor David Wayne. Jervis is one of the few main antagonists of. But upon getting half-way there, Alice, armed with a gun, intervenes. In DC Comics, Jervis Tetch, also known as the, This is the second live-action adaptation of the supervillain Mad Hatter, with the first one being in the 1960s Adam West television show. Jervis Tetch was a scientist who became the villain known as the Mad Hatter. It is unknown of Tetch was aware of his wrong doing. Jervis Tetch, while very intelligent and technically brilliant, coped with loneliness and apparently had difficulty with social integration and relating to others. While he and Crane ran past the Valeska brothers, Hatter yelled "Must go! Later that night Tetch rings the doctor and using trigger words, gets him to unlock the front door and let him in. While Bullock ends up in a gunfight with the Tweeds, Jervis uses a pendulum to get Gordon into a trance. Barbara asks that whether or not he can use the hypnosis to make people do anything, but Tetch admits he can only make people do what they secretly want. Jim ironically noted "That's one way to do it." Gordon starts annoying Jervis by hanging up, and reminded him that Alice hated him. When Jerome threatened "Get any closer and I splatter him. However, Mad Hatter and Scarecrow followed Ecco when she transported Jerome to the maze bunker. I splatter bro-ski. Gordon threatens Tetch that he will take him to the GCPD unless he admits to what is going on. He was recruited by Jeremiah Valeska to hypnotize two people into getting plastic surgery to resemble Thomas and Martha Wayne. He acts as the main antagonist in the first part of the Mad City arc (before Jerome took over the role in the second part). At his lair, Jervis proceeds to harvest Alice's blood and combines it with the Red Queen plant in order to further his plans. The next evening, Tetch performs another show at The Sirens, this time putting Barbara under hypnosis due to her being impressed with the previous performance. After asking the White Rabbit how to get to the end, Gordon follows the written information to Leslie Thompkins' apartment and drags Mario Calvi with him. While Scarecrow freed Jerome from the prison cell, Ecco and Mad Hatter proceeded to approach Jeremiah's office room, not unnoticed by all the video camera installed at the maze bunker. Crane gathered the materials he needed to brew his fear toxin and created a new Scarecrow costume. Jervis states that Nathaniel Barnes is next door to him repeatedly shouting "guilty." Gordon quotes "Kill Lee" and Jervis instead shoots Valerie in the abdomen, believing she is the one that Gordon loves more, before he and the Tweeds escape the scene, enabling Leslie to call an ambulance.

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